Today is June 17, 2019
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My One True Life by wayward heart
April 2019
1Rain, Rain, Go Away
3Social Dilemma
4A Short Entry on Grocery Shopping
6 Saturday Shenanigans
7Sploshing About
11Picture (Not Quite) Perfect
12Rough Morning, Better Afternoon
13Saturday So Far
14Takin' a Load Off // The Meatball "Tail"
16The Good, the Bad, the Nougat, and Other Stuff
17Sometimes, She Makes Me Laugh
18Coffee Date
19Getting To Know You
20Sliced Things
21Sunny Easter
22A Busy Week Begins
23A Lull In the Action
24Hump Day Happenings
25Makin' It
26Fun and Frolics
27A Busy Do-Nothing Day
30Blink, Blink

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Takin' a Load Off // The Meatball "Tail"
April 14, 2019

Last night's show ("My Mother Is Italian, My Father Is Jewish, and I'm In Therapy") was hysterically funny. He had us laughing before he even stepped out on stage! We didn't stop laughing for the entire 90 minutes or so. We giggled through the intermission, and were still laughing on the way home. It is was a great time, and I'm really glad we went.

The audience was almost all "mature", many complete with canes, walkers, and rollators. (I fit right in) Just before the show started a man came racing down the aisle in a motorized scooter.

Brother drove my car and though we had my handicap placard, the closest handicap space we could find was a ways away from the auditorium door. I walked and was OK, but between the not-so-comfortable seats at the Community Center, and all the walking, my back was aching by the time we got back to the car, and it's still sore today. But it was worth it.

Last night was .the first time we ever left Nougat alone at night. She was fine when we got home. Happy to see us, of course. Even though it was 10 pm, we had dessert with her, and watched TV, and did our usual nighttime routine.

Today's been quiet. Did my usual chores (pooper scooping, brushing Nougat). Did a load of laundry, too. Nougat got me up at 8, an hour earlier than I wanted to, so once I had my chores done, I lay down for about an hour. Then I got up, got the laundry out of the dryer, folded it and put it away. Had a sandwich, called Carol, and now I'm just sitting around, watching TV, resting my back.

It was a beautiful, cloudy, breezy morning. We had the windows open till the sun came out and it got hot in here. Yesterday, it was 84° in the house, and it was stifling. Now it's the season for squabbling over the a/c. Although she didn't quibble about my turning it down to 82° this afternoon. I'm nice and cool and comfy (for a change).

Tonight PBS is starting a 6 part presentation of "Les Miserables". It looks to be really good, and I plan to watch it, but I know the whole time I'll be waiting for them to start singing! "Les Miz" s my favorite Broadway musical. I loved the movie version, too.

Today is Tim's birthday. He would have been 65. He died exactly 2 months ago.

The Meatball "Tail"

Nougat and I were outside before dinner. We came in when it began to sprinkle. Ad we come into the house, I hear Mom. She's calling Nougat to come and help her.

She had dropped part of a meatball, and thought it was under the edge of the refrigerator. She'd looked, but hadn't seen it. She'd tried using the grabber or something to try to "sweep" it out, to no avail. She wanted Nougat to find it.

Nougat sniffed all over the floor, under cabinets, near the stove, hy the fridge, as she usually does while meals are being prepared, looking for anything, even the smallest crumb. But she didn't find any trace of meatball.

Mom began to fret about the lost meatball attracting bugs or worse. She was sure it had landed by the fridge. But as no one, even a cocker spaniel could find it, we gave up and ate dinner.

After we finished, I was doing the dishes, and Mom was putting the leftovers away. Nougat went over to Mom and started sniffing, licking, and biting at the pocket of Mom's housedress. (Not her usual behavior)

Mom asked her, "What are you doing? (as if Nougat would answer). I don't have anything in my poc-------"..............she put her hand in her pocket, and lo and behold.........

The "missing" meatball!!

Nougat had done her job. She found the meatball. She got to eat it, too. 😋

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