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Close Encounters of the Furred Kind by Christine
November 2020
1Sheltering Sundays

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Sheltering Sundays
November 1, 2020

This is the first entry for "Sheltering Sundays", my attempt at what I find newsworthy for the cat shelter I volunteer at. It'll probably be mostly about the cats at the shelter, but I might mention other things related to the shelter as well.

The cat shelter is currently closed to the public, but they've been doing well with adoptions (thanks to the internet). I think I heard that they've adopted out over 30 cats or so in the past 3-4 months.

The shelter currently has 10 cats at the shelter, 9 cats (mostly kittens) in temporary foster care, and 9 cats in permanent foster care (including 3 at our house).

For the cats at the cat shelter, they are, in alphabetical order...

Earl is 15 years old with a number of health issues. He came to the shelter weighing only 4 pounds. I think I heard he is now around 6 pounds (he's gained weight in our care). He wants to socialize with everyone and eat in the kitchen, but we have to keep him confined to a certain area and only allow him to have one feline friend, because of a virus he has (according to the vet).

Eric, also known as Buttercup, is a young male of around 2 years old. He's new, so I don't know much about him personally. I was calling him B.C., which he seemed to respond to. I guess they renamed him because a lot of people seemed confused ("who named a male cat 'Buttercup'?"). He's very vocal and is scratching up his castle.

Finnegan is one of my favorites. He is around 11 years old, has hyperthyroid, and surprisingly not much of an appetite (especially if there's a lap in sight). We have to encourage him to eat, which he seems a bit more willing to do if he sees Earl eating. But all he wants is a lap, it seems. He's also underweight but weighs a bit more than Earl.

Oden is a mostly black cat. He's around 2 years old and friendly. I love black cats, but I haven't really clicked with him yet. He seems healthy and content.

Princess is a slightly overweight, middle-aged female. She used to be so happy to see me, but now she seems happier just to be able to come out and explore. She's on a special diet. She seems content.

Pumpkin is a year-old young male with scabs (possibly from allergies). He seems friendly and content. He's been at the shelter for almost 2 months and yet I feel like I hardly know him.

Reggie is a 2-year-old male. He's on medicine, which he won't take on his own. It's a struggle. He seems otherwise okay. He loves the "playroom" (with all sorts of cat toys, tunnels, scratching things, and a couple of cat towers).

Sammie is about a one-year-old, one-eyed cat that just wants to play. Something's up with his poop though, so he has to be confined until it clears up. He's depressed because of that, so we humans have to play with him to make up for him not being able to play with the other cats. He loves food too, so it makes it easier to keep him in his room and distracted while we clean.

Stella is a shy, nearly 10-year-old female with beautiful markings. She's been at the shelter for almost a month but hasn't really explored beyond the little area outside her room. She loves people and can get excited easily. We have to watch her carefully and stop if she starts to nip/bite or swat/scratch. She's getting better though.

Zander is a 4-year-old male in his prime. He loves patrolling "his" territory and making sure everyone is where they are. If other cats are out with him, he mostly ignores them if he can (after he says hello to them, of course), but he always seems curious about their rooms. He's also demanding (crying whenever he's closed in his room) and if he gets to the top of a tower, he'll refuse to come down on his own. He's otherwise a healthy and content kitty.

I forgot to mention in September that I've been volunteering at this shelter for 10 years this year. I love it, have really enjoyed my time in a few different positions I've had over the years, and I hope the shelter is around for at least another 10 years (I hope I can still volunteer with them for 10+ more years). There are so many kitties I have yet to meet and a few others that I'm sure I'll fall in love with.

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