Today is October 26, 2020
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Close Encounters of the Furred Kind by Christine
March 2020
6Shelter Cats, update

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Shelter Cats, update
March 6, 2020

Some good news first...

Alfie is in a foster home now and seems to be doing amazing. It might end up being a foster to adopt situation.

Alanna was adopted with Luna Poof after they were accidentally left out together and did not fight. Someone debating between the two ended up happily taking both.

Buddy and Oscar were adopted, as was Amber, Chestnut, and Sammy.

Tuga is at a vet's home for water therapy and a possible weight-loss strategy.

Cats still at the shelter...

Anakin - He's the only one that has run in the cat wheel more than once (that I'm aware of).

Jordy - He's improved since I first mentioned him. He's still shy and scared, but he's slowly coming out of his shell.

Mae - I thought she would've been adopted by now, but I guess the person who applied for her might be waffling on that.

Mickey & Susie Q - I am somewhat surprised that they are still there, but I guess bonded pairs are harder to adopt.

Rebecca - A sleek, beautiful girl that is just full of energy. I'm surprised that she's still there. Hopefully, she finds her match soon.

Skittles - He's a little shy and jumpy when out of his room, but he's come a long way since he came to the shelter.

New cats in the past month...

Sir Ginger of... - Previously known as Orion, he was returned to the shelter after about 6-7 years. His previous humans went against the agreement and had him declawed to "protect expensive furniture". He's been with us less than a month and might already be adopted (possibly going home soon).

Thomas and Travis - 6-year-old brothers that have unique markings (thick, circular stripes on their sides). While Travis was originally very shy, both are friendly and love attention.

Mylie - A male cat that is super friendly. He's been at the shelter for less than a week.

Libby - A pretty torti who we originally thought was Nessie's mother, but she wants nothing to do with the kitten. Also been at the shelter for less than a week.

Nessie - A very young kitten (maybe 10 or 12-weeks-old) that looks a lot like Libby and seems to be missing her mother. She loves attention and cries when someone leaves her side. She's been at the shelter for less than a week.

Until next time... Wave
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