Today is November 28, 2020
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Close Encounters of the Furred Kind by Christine
February 2020
12Getting Back on the Cat Train...

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Getting Back on the Cat Train...
February 12, 2020

A month has just slipped by without an update about the cats at the shelter. Let's see who we have now.

Those that I've mentioned before that are still there...

Mickey & Susie Q

The Newer cats...

Amber - Has the most striking amber-colored eyes I've seen on a cat.

Buddy & Oscar - A strongly bonded pair. Buddy is friendlier than Oscar, but both love attention.

Jordy - A bit feral at the moment, but hopefully a change of scenery will calm him and allow him to accept attention from us.

Luna Poof - A sweet kitty that looks like a smaller version of Mae.

Sammy - Looks rough around the edges, but is actually very sweet and loves attention (especially from women).

A few might be adopted soon, but a few new cats are expected soon as well.

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