Today is November 26, 2022
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Am I the person everyone wants me to be? by harshi
October 2022

Cheat feelings
October 28, 2022

W​hat I feel is, everyone is hiding something inside their heart. If you see someone, you cannot judge them at all.
maybe they are dying inside, maybe they are so nice from the outside but have some dark secrets within them. Maybe they are thinking to die the next second, or maybe wanting to get out of their present scenario.

O​n one side of my life, I love my family a lot. I like to spend time with them but on the other hand, I wish to live alone or separate from them. Is it bad to feel like that? Staying far from your loved ones? I know I will cry without them for sure, but will I become anything in my life if I don't push myself to the limits?

I​s it selfish to try finding a job so that I go far from them, I don't know what I will do without them but I am surely lazy and vulnerable in front of them. No matter if I am not even aware of my existence in life, sometimes I think that have I experienced everything in life or if there is more.

Sometimes I think that marriage is the solution for everything, everyone around me is getting married and what not but on the other hand I feel that It will restrict me as a person and my dreams as well. I have so much to achieve in life which I cannot ignore at this moment.

M​y life has always been like two sides of a coin, one side falls under the category which is acceptable to people around me precisely " Society", and the other side of the coin which I also sometimes negate.
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