Today is December 4, 2022
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November 18, 2022

Sitting here in the recliner at 11p, listening to Third Eye Blind's album "Out of the Vein." I like all of their stuff and have seen them live twice, but this is the album I always go back to. I can hum or sing along to almost every track on it.
Fell in love with it during a solo road trip back in late 2012, right after I had bought a new(er) used car. Drove all the way up to Maine, from northern Virginia. It was a wonderful trip even if I spent most of the time in my car. Almost everything I saw that was north of say Albany or Rochester NY (can't remember which it was) was beautiful. Stopped at a giant arcade in New Hampshire, along with a tour of a place called Castle In the Clouds. Stopped at some parks in Massachusetts, saw Montpelier and was kind of charmed by it. Went to Arcadia National park (or is it Acadia, without the r?).

Anyway. I'm tired of the cold and ready for spring now.

Been eating a lot of yogurt lately. Seems I do get stuck on a particular food every so often. Right now it's yogurt and honey.
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