Today is October 1, 2022
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September 22, 2022

120 jogging steps this morning, as part of the three walking laps and 8 times up and down the set of 33 stairs. 130 jogging steps planned for tomorrow. That's the only way I can do it right now so that I can ease those tendons and ligaments back into shape.

I'm stressed today. Worried about the future in terms of housing and job prospects. Saw some report that the city I live in is #3 nationally in terms of rent increase percents. Just great. Gonna have to move to the country and eat a lot of peaches.
When I'm stressed I either sleep, eat badly or try to distract myself. Check all of those boxes today, although I nipped the snacking in the bud again by throwing away the rest of a bag of stevia-sweetened butterscotch baking chips I bought around noon at Walmart. I just have to keep reminding myself of how badly any kind of sweets tend to make me feel. I don't think I'm pre-diabetic and have never tested positive for that, but I just get in really pissy moods after I ingest too much sugar. I can deal with one packet of stevia and half a teaspoon of molasses in my morning oatmeal but no more than that. The only other sugars I get are from fruit, bee pollen and small amounts of juice.
I tried to incorporate dates into my diet a while back but I just devoured them.
So, currently my dietary intake comes from: (and I recently added fish back on the menu)...
Ezekiel 4:9 bread
No salt black beans, kidney beans as well
Bee pollen
Brown Rice
Apples, prunes, plums ( rarely)
Grapefruit juice, cranberry juice
Dry roasted edamame and dry roasted chick peas
Black garlic, cinnamon, curry powder, black pepper, cumin, jalapeño powder, Accent (rarely), Dried cloves, Dash garlic and herb seasoning, turmeric powder,
Greek yogurt
Plant-based protein powder
Gotu kola powder
Lucuma powder
Nutritional yeast
Ginger powder
Walnuts, pepitas, almonds
One-ingredient peanut butter (peanuts)
Peanut butter powder (rarely)
Lion's mane mushroom powder
Triphala powder
Beet powder
Açaí powder
MCT oil
Ginkgo extract
Vitamin C
Cod liver oil
Magnesium glycinate
Wakame seaweed (rarely)
Wheat germ (rarely)
Miso paste

I think that's it and I get as much variation out of that as I can.
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