Today is July 6, 2022
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December 3, 2021

Almost finished with a novel called "The Every." It's about what happens when a mythical company very similar to Google buys the largest e-commerce company in the future (a thinly veiled Amazon), and pretty much how that could become hell. At times it feels like I'm reading the sequel to 1984, but the author frequently uses humor to blunt the severity of the larger picture they are painting.
It really does make one realize how close we are to an absolute control State. Anything could happen, though. Personally I'm hoping for a wormhole to open up where I can jump into it.

I just don't understand this life on a metaphysical level. It makes no sense yet it is all-encompassing.

Nothing planned for the weekend. Probably will walk around the track tomorrow for the usual mile. Sooner than later I'm going to attempt some jogging. I am not comfortable with the fact that I haven't even as much as skipped in the past ten years. Only walking. I'd like to know that if there were an emergency or someone started chasing me that I could at least start running away from that.

My dad and his wife set up a crap-ton of holiday decorations in their home. I could only shake my head.
Right now my dad is having an extra room put on to his house, a larger bathroom. He spends a heck of a lot of time on home and yard maintenance and will be 79 years old come early March. Probably in better shape than most 60 year olds, I'd say. He has curiously been able to maintain a lot of muscle tone and strength. Personally I prefer to be lightning quick in movement, but I hope to regain some or all of the muscle mass I've lost over the past five years or so. Don't know what I can do about my torso much, though.
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