Today is May 22, 2022
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November 2021

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November 29, 2021

Feeling a wee bit cynical today.

Over the past few days I have tried to log on to the social sec.'s website, because since the pandemic started, according to the words on their website, they are not dealing with people face to face.
HOWEVER, they have partnered with two third-party companies to vet you, and you have to take pictures of certain documents they ask for and upload them.
YOU also have to do a video call with some random stranger (that works for referenced company) to further verify who the fuck you are, and I had to do that this afternoon. For posterity, they were my driver's license, my voting card, my social scty card, a selfie, and the video "referee" call.

Seriously. I, and ANYONE now and in the future, have to do these things first. It's not like I am being singled out.
And I and OTHERS were already part of the social scty dept's databases, because THEY were the ones paying out disability to me. It's not like I died. The information is still with them.

The woman was cordial enough on the other side, but still, who IS this person? And why are THEY wearing a mask with no one around, and I MYSELF don't have a mask on because I am at home? I know damn well that whatever technology is being used on their side is tracking and recording everything and every metric it can generate. And why do I have the feeling that this power that is being wielded over people will only grow?

Then, after all of that was verified (initially they weren't going to accept a photo of my ORIGINAL, unlaminated social card, and now I've applied for a replacement) and lots of clicking links and opening emails and basically daisy-chaining the hell out of that mess, I got to a screen where it said that the following info (list was on screen) was then going to be shared with the social office, to which I am just like WTF, MAN?! They are just selling clicks back and forth at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if the nuts that write code for websites that "partner" with each other are locked in a daily battle to make it to where an end user such as myself has to click exactly one more time on the website that is the one in control of their business "agreement." Makes sense to me, and if you multiply the shit out of daily metrics, somebody is getting paid somewhere.

After 9/11 there were numerous and loud voices telling us how a lot of our rights and such were going to get trampled on. That came to pass.
Now we have this pandemic, that no matter HOW it started, is being used by anyone and anything as an excuse to float ideas about how things should be getting done. And of course there are going to be opportunists out there, as always, and of course some of those opportunists are corporations and/or countries and/or gajillionaires.

We've heard that there is a global supply-chain fuckup going on, and there's a lot of pointing fingers. So, if your supply-chains aren't operating correctly, say there's a new variant out there, lock down travel, increase restrictions and save on fuel/labor/whatever. (?) That's what I would try to get to happen. It's equivalent to calling in sick.

The vultures have come home to nest.

- Living in bizzarocommiecomedyall

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