Today is May 22, 2022
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November 27, 2021

I am now in love with the medjool date.
9.99 a pound, though. I don't know what a fair price is on this stuff, but there are other kinds of dates that I am going to try and find at walmart, which cost like 1.35 for 8 ounces. Supposedly they taste different, though? Will see.
The cost of a can of tomatoes keeps going up, too. Over 80 cents now for generic store brand, and last year it was around 40 cents before it started moving up in price. Maybe 2 years ago now, I don't know the exact date or anything.

The leaves here are now in full protest mode. Very colorful. I love trees as well.


My dad went to some jazz concert in Atlanta yesterday, said he had a blast. He and his wife, that is.
I've never actually been to a jazz concert, but I have watched some bits of them online. I can only tolerate jazz for about 20 minutes at the most. The sets that are complete improv are neat sometimes.

Why did they have to start naming viruses now, like storm fronts or hurricanes? Why?
And why does omicron sound like necronomicon?

Started taking vitamin d supplements again, yesterday (cod liver oil). Feeling better again.

Finished an older Michael Crichton book a couple of days ago, A Time of Need (I think that's what it was. The title was so generic...).
It was a good read, though a lot of the events were extremely improbable. It must have been written in the 70's or so, dealing with abortionists. I hadn't even heard the word "abortionist" in almost 20 years.
Apparently it was something that Crichton liked to ponder, the grey areas of the issue. One of the epilogues about it went on for far too many pages for me to care about, so I stopped reading after about 3 of those.

I am generally like that with arguing points, cases or whatnot. There is no absolute truth to anything.

If the only two options that explain existence are that things always existed or that they spontaneously emerged, and neither of those scenarios have cause nor logic to them, then what in the hell is going on?


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