Today is July 5, 2022
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November 25, 2021

Got my car back from the shop yesterday. 400 dollars and some change. Reasonable, I suppose.
Got up late again today, but I have been staying up later than normal. I've never blamed Daylight Savings Time for such things, so I have to say that the wrecking ball to my schedule, which was loosely going fine for a while, was swung by those bags of chocolate chips I was eating over the past few weeks. The 72% cacao ones. I can live without them, and will.

Took a walk today around the track, the usual mile. Then I drove around for about an hour, feeling out my car. Seems to be fine.

My dad called around 2 and was trying to pass leftovers off on me. Seems they bought a meal from the grocery store this year, but I wasn't going to eat any of that stuff. I don't even like Thanksgiving to begin with, but I wasn't going to eat the rolls and pie slices, turkey, whatnot.
He seemed to have trouble ending the phone call for some reason, pausing when he usually doesn't. This went on for a few rounds and I finally said "I'm not putting up any damned Christmas lights, and that's the last word on that," which made him laugh because we weren't even talking about such things.

I am largely bored today, and I have been in a mental rut for about two weeks now. Trying to figure out if it's actually laziness or if I am paralyzed with anxiety. Running over whatever it was that was strewn on the highway last week woke me up a bit. I could be in the hospital or dead right now.
There was actually a video someone posted online, footage from their dashcam as they ran over a tire at night on the interstate. I still don't know what I hit on Friday, but my vehicle did about the same as the guy's in the video at first, but I was lucky and regained most of the control after about 5-10 seconds I'd say. In the videos the guy lost control and spun out.

And that is it for now. Typing on my phone is never fun, but I'm near-prone in the recliner. Upper back is sore today, but I think it's from those 5 push-ups on my knees yesterday. I can't even call them that really, as they were more of a flex-up kind of thing, trying to regain the range of motion at least.

What else? This country is a mess. Somehow we're keeping it together for now, but I think it's all for the cameras and to bolster holiday spending.
How I wish we could throw these holidays away, or at least change them somewhat. Thanksgiving would become Fastgiving, lasting 1-3 days, and gifts during the month of December would be strongly encouraged to be handmade or nothing at all.
Like that's ever going to happen, ha.

Now to find my motivation somewhere again.
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