Today is May 27, 2022
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November 2021

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November 22, 2021

Listening to Pearl Jam.

Finished that book by Larson earlier this afternoon, the one about ww2 and mostly Churchill. Churchill was bonkers. Apparently my dad is a big fan of the man.
I think he would have been a nazi if the tables were turned. If he would have grown up German, for example. Glad he didn't.
Changing my direct deposit/withdrawal information for a number of utilities/apartment rent, etc., and I'm noting how this apartment place does things. I have the email to prove it, at least.

When you set up a new account with them, for money to be withdrawn from each month for rent and whatnot, they deposit "a small" amount into that account, and then you have to go find it and go back to their website, click on VERIFY, etc.
It's a bunch of crap, and what the fuck - is this how money laudering really works? No mention of how much this "small amount" is or any other information about any of this. Hopefully it's just how they transfer the security deposit or something similar, but jesus what's with the lack of information?

I read the news every day, and every day someone around here is either getting stabbed, shot, run over or ripped off.
What kind of freaking existence is this anyhow, the one we are living? If there is a black room at the end of all of this nonsense, one where you can sit quietly before ALL of the lights finally go out for you - I think my only thought would be along the lines of "What the fuck was that all about??!"

Existence is strange. Being is weirder.
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