Today is July 6, 2022
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November 16, 2021

Stomach is so-so today. Am gonna cut back on the magnesium supplementation and see what happens.
Went for a mile walk around the track around 230 I. The afternoon. Then drove to Walmart and bought bottled water, apples, granola and cocoa chips.
I did not like how one of their employees, a dried-up, middle-aged male, helped me in the parking lot.
I was putting the groceries in my trunk, and I was using one of the prized mini-carts with wheels, the ones that love my shinbones so,
but he wandered over and said he'd hold the cart while I unloaded it, saying something about how he then could go on his 15 minute break. I didn't disbelieve that, but I didn't like the way he was able to just walk up like that, also gaining access to my personal space and a view of the inside of my trunk. Maybe a swift Jesus-smack to the forehead is in order around these parts: forearm extended, palm flat and applied directly and forcefully to the flat part of the forehead. I have stopped one person dead cold with move before, and have had another fly backwards like they ran into a spring.

Sat in my car in the lot and ate granola for about 15 minutes, people-watching non-chalantly. Another guy pulled into a slot catty-corner to mine and his woman went shopping. Soon afterwards he had his cell phone out and held up at arm's length towards his front windshield. I didn't know what he was or might not be doing with it.

I finished reading "Crying in H-Mart" and checked out a completely different title from our digital library (did I really read 72 books last year??! I think this is number 2 this year...), a historical novel by Erik Larsen, about Winston Churchill, who really is someone I know jack shit about, so good choice, bravo...
Larsen writes brilliantly and really brings to light how goddamned urgent things were as Germany began to bear down on London. It does make me realize how far most of us are removed from such madness and peril. To be alive at that time must surely have been thrilling, though...

These days I am monitoring the news as always, trying to connect the dots. Pinning blame on people r organizations is not my goal. Staying ahead of the wave, is.
What I keep seeing are small notices about supply-chain shortages. Little alarms have been going off in my head for a while now but I've ignored them for the most part.
Now today, in local news (120 radius, I'd guess), there were two reports of things, on being cancellation of winter skating at rinks (skate blade shortages/metal), and then the largest school district s reporting shortages.

There is of course the mess on the west coast, 3000 miles from here, in Long Beach and Los Angeles. 40% of shipping is done through those two ports.
Note: China still holds the lease on the Panama Canal as well.
It is obvious to me what could happen. I just wonder if this was planned long ago.

My dad says he hasn't noticed any shortages in store shelves yet. Maybe he hasn't noticed the increase in prices, which will tend to keep products on a shelf for a wee bit longer. I wonder myself if people with foresight started shipping things East (my direction/coast) first, and that we aren't seeing it yet.
Gas is around 2.93/gallon. Noticed in Cali yesterday gas hit about 4.62.
I started saying about 3 weeks ago that by February the price will be 6 a gallon. We'll see.

Other than these things I've been watching Roger Waters interviews on YouTube. Now I am going to listen to some music, then maybe crawl out of this recliner and take a dump.
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