Today is August 16, 2022
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November 2021

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November 15, 2021

Still not feeling very motivated, and a lot of that has to do with pain, which started showing up yesterday morning and has continued into the Now.
It's coming from my gall bladder/liver region, and has ebbed and flowed over the past 30 hours or so. I don't know if I am suffering from cheese or chocolate poisoning, but I hope it passes soon enough. All I have been able to do is lie on the ground, for the most part. Even the recliner becomes uncomfortable after a time, and then when I get up to have some water from the sink or whatnot, I feel bent over in pain for a bit, until I am sure that it's not going to be a full-on attack of some sort.
Will wait and see on this one, even though around 8p yesterday evening I was seriously wondering if I should think about going to the hospital.

And hospitals just tick me off, for the most part. I went to the community outpatient center (VA) two weeks ago for a check-up and mentioned and showed off my hernias (the doc I see has 1300 patients, so me with a mask on doesn't jog many memories), to which I asked, as I have in the past, about having them surgically repaired. He put in orders for a CT scan, and I was supposed to call number X and have that appointment scheduled, BUT no one wants to answer the goddamned phone anymore, anywhere. The extension simply doesn't work, and listening to the automated messages over and over again is less than motivating.

So, I have a separate appointment in a few days in NC, different doctor and team, and will ask the same questions. It should be about time to have my throat (esophagus) banded again, even though I haven't noticed any problems. Last time the surgeon had to do 4 ligatures (like rubber banding) on some veins or capillaries, super mario pipes, whatever...

I am not looking forward to getting much older. It seems like it is going to be an exercise in delaying a bunch of inevitabitlites. Hopefully my mood/attitude shifts on this. Right now the pain is coming back somewhat. I would describe it as pressure that then radiates waves of pain depending on what posture I am currently in, but it is pain that feels like a combination of very bad gas and a muscle tear or bad sprain. I don't like it and am telling it to leave now.
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