Today is May 22, 2022
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November 5, 2021

Slightly pissed today.

Yesterday was all rain and drang, and today is just grey and nippy.
I was going to take a shower today (I don't every day. Waste of time.), but have decided against it. I just don't like getting wet, most of the time. Even washing my hands makes me feel, if not dirty, then tainted somehow. (Not all the time, of course.)

I crangled out of the recliner around 9 a.m., although I had been on/off awake and up/or about for a bit before that, maybe 3 hours.
I decided to go to the online version of the social security office, which is always a mistake. They have partnered with other organizations for verification purposes, and login.slugguv, or something like that.
Now I have to upload pictures of my driver's license or at least my best recipe for lasagna. Something like that. It is becoming that stupid, to me. These people have every bit of information already, but they are selling it, selling it, selling it, and any corporation or organization can buy, buy, buy it - if the contracts are aligned correctly.

I had to choose a 12-string password for one bout of nonsense this morning. I chose "what'sanother[insertnumberhere]passwords?" and the machinelord liked that enough to give it all green bars, sent me happy links to click on, and then,

ssa did not like that or didn't like their handshakes, because I had to check some kind of box to have something sent to me in the physical mail, which is fine with me outside of the fact that I wanted to get this shit done today.

Their office is only 4 miles away from here, and I might have to take my physical face and eyeballs there for someone to verify things if I get much more tired of the red tape on these cyber-gifts they give to me.
This is horseshit in a green bag.

And the subtle "push-hints/prompts" by websites like this one are making me puke. Looking at you LongRoadBacktoNowhere.
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