Today is May 22, 2022
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November 4, 2021

Rainy-er today than it was yesterday. I am done with the chocolates, as of yesterday. No cherries.
Woke up early and shaved. Took out the trash and such. Looked at figures and numbers online, the ones that say I don't have to work.
I do have to say, unequivocally, that not working is better than working. Rather, working on what one wants and not what one has to, is splendid. And I do work at nothing. All day.
I hope the rest of my life is like this, but I should know better, by far. Just because I am currently out of the woods does not mean that other trees are not growing, somewhere.

I finished that short work by Steinbeck, about a week ago now. It ended abruptly, or I expected more. I should know better about that by now as well. This is the third or fourth of the author's work where he pretty much just hangs it up, either out of boredom or because a deadline seemed to be looming. Maybe his wife was nagging him.

Time to eat an egg or something. I generally feel great later on, if I have at least one egg a day or every other day. Something like that. I tend not to do math about such matters. I am not a bodybuilder, and during the short 3 years or so that I tried to follow some kind of regimen, which worked well, I found that the regimenting of things doesn't matter once the general pattern is hashed out or laid down. It's like pushing a tire down a hill and watching it go. I only put my hand on it if it starts to wobble. Most of the time it will work itself out unless it runs into a puddle of pre-packaged chocolate treats.

I did some buy cheap solar globe-type paper lanterns for my small patio, which faces the "street" here. The real road, or highway, is less than a 5th of a mile from my door. Only the neighbors would see these lanterns, if they worked, which they currently don't. Maybe they need an egg, too.
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