Today is July 5, 2022
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November 1, 2021

Short entry.

I bought some mentos gum about a week ago, noting that it had green tea extract in it. I have tossed the rest of the stuff out as of this morning. I hadn't consumed any type of caffeine in over a year, and it was immediately obvious that this gum needs to be in the trash. Deadened skin feeling, itching, irritability. No need for any of that. Buh-bye.

And it now is a gorgeous day. Beautiful colors, low humidity, temp around 68 degrees.
I walked around the track and listened to whatever my right hip is trying to tell me. There is this one part of the bowl/track that is rumbled-up concrete that makes one path into and out of the lower part of the bowl (there are two tracks, one above, one below. Then there are three ways to get down to the lower level from the top. Stairs, mostly smooth walkway, and then the crumpled-up path, which has anthills and cracks and eruptions in on it.).
I like to use the crambled-up path to do these almost-dance steps up and down, pivoting my hips in weird directions. I'm sure it's good for something.
I think a lot of whatever discomfort I am experiencing in that right hip area is not joint-related (yet?)_but a muscular imbalance. I've noticed that when I am sleeping or dozing that I cross my right foot over the left, kind of locking ankle-joints somewhat, but that is pulling my right hip assembly down and to the the left, continuously. I have taken this posture for many, many years, and have been chastised by nurses at hospital about it. I have temporarily fallen in love with many a nurse in spite of their peckishiness.

So I also went back to a discount store in town and bought 3 additional pairs of doktor Scholl's inserts at 4.99 a pop, which amazed me. I now know three "dump-off/surplus" stores in town, and will remember what I find where and when. I also bought two 8 oz bags of Ghiradiharrea 72% chance of cocoa, for 5-something a bag. Done.

Then I drove around aimlessly for a bit, marvelling at the fall colors. It almost seems like a holiday today (is it? dunno/will check). Traffic is mild, but then again it is only 2-something in the afternoon. The school across the street here seemed to be empty, though.

Ended up at the duck pond and took some pictures, just being in awe of Nature, no matter how it presented itself. Watched some wood ants for a while. Noticed swimming patterns of what seemed to be the male ducks, and finally found what they were safeguarding: three nestling/nesting swans along a scooped-out part of the pond's banks. Seemed to be sleeping. There were older, knobbier ducks on foot keeping watching at various positions and distances. Four elder knobbers lined up by my car and wouldn't leave, as I walked and milled about, trying not to trip over exposed roots and such.

When I left I walked out of the way of my car, and the geese stayed where they were, lined up along my passenger door side. I did not make eye contact and then walked towards my car and to the driver's side. No problems.
Started the car up, rolled down the windows, got a few hey-I'm-here honks, and I backed slowly up and out onto the road. I looked over at the goose that was sideways eyeballing me, directly, and told it See you next time. Not even a blink, so I drove off.
Stood up by a goose, but it is still a good day.
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