Trimming the edges by nahatsu
November 2022
7A duplicate entry catchup, except for the audio.....
9My daughter's singing and a little post...
19Harmony is established...
30Covid's fight with me tonight
Harmony is established...
November 19, 2022

Good evening from my side of the world clock!
It's 9.22pm, Saturday evening.....

I've just done some fast editing, and the result is stunning, even if I do say so myself!

My other half came home yesterday; but as my girl had to get something for the wedding she's going to (today) they stopped off at the Mall on the way home...

By the time they got here.... something had happened most unlooked for....

He had been bleeding into the wound bandage quite significantly...

Result?! A rush trip back to the hospital...

It was sorted and... they came back home.

However he is taking things very easy as she goes kind of thing; all day today and so far (thank goodness) it's okay!

My video I put together tonight is a reflection of the harmony I feel with his homecoming.....


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