Trimming the edges by nahatsu
August 2022
13My goodness me... am I numb or what?!
20A weird start to the weekend...... get it right!
31What happened, who am I?!
My goodness me... am I numb or what?!
August 13, 2022

You see it's like this .....

I love reading those posts of people I have on my 'favored' list. It's something I really like to do, you know? I think that writing down what's going on in one's life is one of the best natural forms of 'therapy' I know. That plus, I love writing .....

My bug is I can't really think with the forum thing, and how to write a single reply to a post I've read leaves me reeling. Forums. I just never got the hang of how it all works. I do think my brain is numb when it comes to being able to comprehend the whole concept of it - so instead here I am, writing a post about it!

On the plus side of things - I decided to try writing a PM instead to a post I read today, just to see if it works, and the person concerned, 'khh6' may read and reply to my response to his latest posting. IF it works, I might try responding to more journals I enjoy reading, in the same way.

All the best for a safe, comfy and enjoyable weekend.

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