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July 2022
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a new update
July 26, 2022

For the past 48 hours at least, I've been on tenterhooks. I felt as if I were raised about 3 feet out of my body; it was like I was an onlooker to life, not IN life but just outside it! This comes from a heavy degree of stress, fearing for my husband's life. I did an audio on the issue previously, but as the date for open heart surgery came so much faster than was predicted prior to a couple of scans done by the team working on his case, we found out that he'd done so well, that they felt confident to attempt the surgery.

At 8 a.m this morning, Tuesday, the 26th of July, he was taken in, and they began the procedure. At 3 p.m this afternoon, I was a nervous wreak! I was terrified and home alone, suffering from enormous tension and fear. However, at 4.45pm, I got the call I was waiting for. He'd successfully come through the surgery!!!

There are no words to describe the intense feelings that swept over me on hearing the news. What I'd been dreading for hours today; did not happen! I hear he did very well indeed. I'll go into a more detailed journal entry later. But for now, I wanted to talk this out - the fact that he's survived open heart surgery: and this is his second major surgery.

Isn't he fantastic?! He's like a cat with 10 lives....

Aren't the surgeons BRILLIANT?!!


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