Today is October 1, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
September 2022

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Teaching Myself Replacement Therapy. What A F**KEN EDUCATION.
September 21, 2022

Replacement therapy? I was taught the principle decades ago. Now I know what it's like to practice it. I have help and support too.

๐ŸƒThey paid a lot of money to him for me. Enough to buy an American car or "Yank Tank" as Kiwis back then affectionately called these cars. (Don't be going sexually immature with this term either please.)
The car later got torched by her. She must've found out. I had to stand and watch it burning. Beside her. Had no choice. She pulled me outside.๐Ÿƒ

Most survivors of fatal ritualistic worship and abuse have survived what should have been sure death SOONER OR LATER. We survive because we are meant to survive. Not many have said anything public about this kind of evil. Survivors of hard core satanic worship usually have a firm belief in Jesus Christ. I do. And this IS what I am up against. Who do I obey? God? Or "man".

I am NOT stalling with the book because I am not being truthful about my childhood. I'm stalling with it out of fear that others will find it too incredible to believe, or it will traumatise others. Some days, I can scarcely believe that I have survived and lived this long.

The book is what God told me to write. I'M THE ONE WHO THINKS OF THE MONEY. God never said anything about money to me where the book's concerned. I've recently realized that the first priority of the project is to help heal the past. ALL OF THE PAST NOT JUST SOME OF IT. I'd rather write a book of microstories than tackle my own life.

I've been through so much shit since the book was brought to "my attention" and the book is still being brought to "my attention". It's one of the next right things to do. Growing up is fucken hard. I'm being like Jonah the prophet as of old, and I am procrastinating the day with this book business. What's new about that? Well...nothing. I do this all the time. Avoid shit, escape shit...pretend shit ain't there. That's not recovery...I'll leave you in peace now. won't be so bad after all.
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