Today is May 22, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
May 2022

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Chapters : This Day.
May 14, 2022

A few days on of travelling through life and hospital is fading fast. The reality of what has happened sets in.
There's a full moon tonight and my soul feels suddenly empty. It's life, it's death and it's somewhere in between. Early morning before light entered, I began to cry. The pain is light, the grief still heavy and the emptiness is felt deeply. I miss my elderly cat so very much and I know that he is alright. There was a mourning card in the mail from the vet center. I cried some more ; never received one before.
My body has changed again. Food has new meaning. So has life. The full moon is my best friend tonight, while I wait...for my two cats to come home. I have been gifted a new cat : Jenny Wren. She is beautiful.
When tomorrow comes to call, I will answer with a smile across my heart. It's too early to say.
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