Today is August 18, 2022
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Second To Last Day Of The Year. 🌞
December 30, 2021

A wonderful Thursday of Summer sun, strong, cooling breezes and Uncle Sandy babysitting my neighbour's two baby kittens. He's so precious with babies. A gentle, patient babysitter and the kittens just adore him. How did my Kingpin become so...tolerant? Not really. It's a new discovery of himself. He still loathes dogs of every description and lords it still, by seniority alone, over the younger alpha male cats in this here hood. Protection racketeering only applies to the very young. Not a problem. The princess can fend for herself. (No problems there.)

Well. I turn 59 in a few days time. My granddaughter is a beautiful birthday gift to me as she will be turning up on that exact day.

Life is all the more beautiful for the gifts it brings.

The curtain~making is stressing me out. It feels good to be finally completing this project after several years of stalling. I'm not feeling it a big way. Nevertheless, it's great to be doing this.

Roll on 2022.

I leave you with Pantera's Cemetery Gates from the albums Reinventing Hell / Cowboys From Hell.
(Seriously Pantera?)

ALRIGHT!! My favourite genre. Rock/Metal.

🎸 🔊

Just a friendly reminder : it's a mortal crime to listen to rock music softly. The LOUDER the BETTER. Just don't wreck your hearing apparatuses😵
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