Today is August 18, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
December 2021

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A Good Day.
December 29, 2021

Though I am busy most days, today was a good time of things getting done.

The front door is nearly halfway through the paint stripping process. Doing it by hand with just sandpaper. It's slow going. I love the bare wood and want to keep it bare. I think a light exterior wood stain then work some oil into it. I need to strip the old putty from around the exterior panes and cover it with an exterior enamel. Only need a small tin for that.

New Curtains :

Cleaned the curtain rod in large front lounge window (white paint on steel) as well as the surrounding woodwork and walls.
Finished one of four curtains and hung it up. (There's a clean bed sheet covering the uncurtained section. Temporary.)

I use two curtains in Summer/Autumn (the middle ones) ; four in Winter/Spring. The two outer curtain drops are almost brand new. A neighbour passed them onto me, which I truly appreciate. I think they came from her former home, so they're extra special. She gave me four equal length drops : two wide and two narrow. I've spent a great deal of time unpicking four sides : one on each curtain and sewing two drops together ; one narrow, one wide to make two extra wide drops which hang either side of the two middle drops. It's a huge window area to fill. Takes up the entire wall, and runs almost from ceiling to floor. But very pretty. My favourite kind of window design.

My very first home that my baby daughter and I had was right next to the beach in my home town and it had the exact same kind of main window. It was a mammoth chore for me to fill that window. (I was 23 years old and broken.) I've made countless curtains since this is the second curtain remodel on my tiny 2021 home and I don't know how many more curtains I can possibly make. Definitely the last time I fill this window.

I really am going to need until the end of February to complete the painting project and wood refinishing. Not painting the entire bedsit like some other residents have done. No way. Too much to ask. Of course I'm doing this for myself first, then the organization second.

I'm gonna take another huge, brave risk and tell you who I now rent from. I think it's safe and my Father in Heaven looks after me as always. The complex previously was owned by local council as pensioner housing. Now our landlord is Habitat for Humanity, a well known Christian charitable organization for housing. I've known about them for thirty years. I love this organization. I'm learning to accept the people here in NZ who run it. This is not a promotional ploy just sharing the love. Okay? I hate being misunderstood.

I am very grateful to be housed under this organization. Yes it is social housing and that's okay with me. It's a lovely property you know. It's also a privilege for me to live here. HFH originated from the USA of course. Done my research. A wonderful charitable organization that is thriving in my country. They also receive government funding (some sort of subsidy), however the rich townfolk or whoever it is, are not happy with us. We're being accused of sucking ratepayers tax to subsidize our complex in some way or ways. Complete bullshit. You got it wrong folks. We're government subsidized. Yes, really. It's simply another demeaning way to add more volume to the already stigmatized. That's upper class arrogance for you. Some folk seem to enjoy marginalizing others. I refuse to be oppressed. You can shove your stigma and marginalisation up your snooty butts. GFY. I get so angry about oppression. Societal norms today intimidate, and therefore anger me. I'm human. Are you?

Jesus Christ had this to say to His disciples : "There will always be the poor among you."

Thankyou once again Altrusa International for thinking of us this Christmas. And the beautiful lady who made us each a Christmas cake.

Beautiful Movies : Mr. Church, The Two Popes, Drift. (I know I mentioned Drift before. Worth a repeat mention.)

Meetings are awesome. Always. Meetings are miracles.

I have a good life now. Fraught with difficulties and tribulation, but nonetheless a good, wonderful life. As long as I keep healing the past, I'll be okay...

Cats are beautiful. Content and fed and loved.
I need to feed Calico more than the rest. He's thin and I need to pay him more attention. Their days with me are numbered : Huckleberry and Calico. I'm hoping the animal rescue places will take them. Two rescues, two cats. If they can take one each I'd be happy. Hurt that they'd be leaving me but happy.

Life is full.

Looking forward to family arriving early next week.

Looking forward to returning to church when Traffic Light turns green.
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