Today is August 18, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
December 2021

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Post Boxing Day Entry.
December 27, 2021

My Mysterious Tablet.

This here tablet (a Google Nexus tablet) ~which I love so much~ as one would a very dear friend, has developed an artificial intelligence ALL of it's own!

° It restarts when I'm in the middle of a game. Or reboots whenever it pleases.
° It has mysteriously activated Google assistant which I haven't ever seen an appearance of prior to it being activated, and it tells me when all my bloody bills are due. Excuse me? Did I ask for that? (This has happened within the past weeks, not months.)
° It closes and opens things of it's own accord and whenever it feels like it.
° When it feels like it, IT reminds me that listening to CERTAIN TYPES OF MUSIC is not good for my eardrums!!
° Do you elect to see folks where I am going with this!???!
° The hell it's my tablet. You heard of remote access control? I've known about this for years.

Please don't call me an ungrateful bitch. I am grateful. EXCEEDINGLY GRATEFUL. It's a little rough sometimes, is all. Not scary just rough. Same thing with my phone. The security has always worked and I feel and know that I am incredibly blessed. It happened last night at the meeting. Zoom just shut down and disappeared in the middle of the meeting. Charming. We are grateful and thankyou so much.

I really don't like being reminded of my bills but thanks just the same "Google assistant". Hmmm...I hope you pay your bills with equal timeliness and thanksgiving. (I hear you're somewhat tight on the purse strings.)
I've had tightass boyfriends. THREE. OF. THEM. Why would I want another one of those. To be fair, the last of the three? I got away with a lot... somehow I don't feel as guilty as I probably should be.

Be back, just want to talk to T... thought it was Vikki.

Had the kind of Christmas that made me feel whole. It was a very spiritual day inasmuch as this is possible with my slowly improving health status. It was a beautiful day.
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