Today is August 18, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
December 2021

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Taking Note Of The Light.
December 24, 2021

Day Two : Christmas Eve.

It's a wonderful thing as Christians, to be able to celebrate the positive things, changes and blessings our God performs in personal lives. Mine is no exception :

My physical, mental and emotional suffering has been alleviated considerably throughout the year. This is nothing short of a miracle. I've worked at it. Feel different. A good different. Yet I'm still the same. It's hard as shit getting well, and this is the wellest I've ever been.

Working a program and I've mostly kept meetings up.

I've had much needed surgery this year. Incredibly grateful for this life changing procedure. Incredibly grateful.

I've lost weight too. Amazing.

I got Netflix this year. And I started on another financial journey of a spiritual kind. I am blessed.

I've faced some hard things and it's been okay. More than okay. There's more to face.

Learnt how to not take shit from anyone. (This also means settling for disorder in lesser things.)

It's been a big hard year and a great year of trying and trying some more.
And for that, I am truly grateful.

I got to see my family twice this year : second time shortly before weeks of lockdown.

I've done art this year.

I've done my darndest to be genuine and kind to my neighbours (occasional inclusion of the predators too, by ignoring their asses when they're drooling and sniffing around.) I'm afraid of some of these people. They're not very nice. I've tried.


I cannot wait to see my granddaughter. She'll be here early next week.

I've cooked some good food today. Made bread and lentil stew. I have meat but I'm saving that for when my granddaughter comes to stay. I'll be getting some more food too.

Finished the dress for the neighbour. It looks great on her. A bit tight. Not altering it. Not having anything more to do with it. It's just insane what I put myself through for my neighbours. No more.

Going to work on the new curtains tonight. Now is truly the right time to help myself more. Help my family more.

It's hot. Don't mind it. Hot is good.

I miss him still. Even started dreaming about him.

We're kicking some ass MJ.

I'm looking forward to Christmas Day tomorrow. I wasn't really. Now I am. It's not about the food this year. It's all about celebrating The Advent of Christ.

(I hate it when people take His name in vain. I've done it when drunk years ago and a few more times. It offends me deeply. I've hated it when I've done it. I'll use any other cussword under the sun but DIETY.)
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