Today is August 18, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
December 2021

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Summer Sun, Cooling Rain.
December 22, 2021

Perfect really. A perfect Summer. Even the times throughout the day of intense heat and humidity are more tolerable this year. (That's only from my perspective. I can't talk for anyone else.) January is my birth month. It's predicted to be gruelling. We're yet to see... Summer is lovely so far.
Village gardens are flourishing and beautiful. Everyone who has a garden has really put a great deal of work and effort into their corners.


When I regard the predatory personalities that reside here in this village, I now see the profound misery etched into their faces. It's makes them look so ugly. Am I the only who SEES this?? I must be the only one who sees this. I know what a predator is. I hope that they have the kind of Christmas that they deserve. I don't care if they were sexually abused as children. They have become their abusers, which makes them no different than them. I feel a certain amount of pity for them now. I barricade myself into my home at night now and seal this with a prayer. They still have stolen copies of my keys. They're not entering my home as much as they used to. Mainly during the day to begin with and in recent months night time attempts. I have a chain lock but it's the cat door that makes my home vulnerable. I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY FORM OF HARASSMENT OR ABUSE FROM MY NEIGHBOURS. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. M-I-N-E. I make every effort to keep myself safe and let my God do the rest.


Day Four :

"Risk is spelt f-a-i-t-h." (AU)

Taking insane foolish risks is a thing of the past. Learning the hard way, is the best way, but never the only way to get well.
...I love what wisdom is teaching me. It is a beautiful teacher.


Thankyou townsfolk. Thankyou so much. I generally find the younger adults far more respectful than the older ones. You have my respect too.
Did my best to ignore the small amounts of shit I get when out in public. One day I'll fly through this.

Bought the weekly groceries for the cats and a few items for myself. Food mostly and hair conditioner.

Really content today and tired. Stayed up late watching Netflix last night. Found a great Australian series called WANTED. Just love Rebecca Gibney, the cast and crew, and more importantly the story. I'm really impressed with how much input Rebecca Gibney has in this series. Love Australian film and television. Asleep before 3 a.m.

No meeting last night. I slept through it. Tomorrow night it is....
Now to finish Season One of WANTED and begin Season Two...nap if possible, back to supermarket before closing time then cook a meal, shower, make bed and get in it...

EVERYTHING I DO, in a day, is a very big deal to me. It's a matter of understanding exactly what I mean by this. EVERY THING COUNTS TOWARDS RECOVERY AND HEALING. EVERYTHING. NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND? (to those folk who'd rather criticise, judge, and trash me. As if I've not been trashed enough already. Jealousy is a monstrous spirit.)

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