Today is August 18, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
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Leaving The Warpath.
December 16, 2021

I've been on a collision course with life for so long it seems...
Graduated recently to far more peaceful climes and it feels just amazing. Healing. I can never write enough about healing. The miracle of discovery work equals recovery every single time.

My surgical site is sore but at least the small output of blood has stopped.

Apart from getting myself some food for the cupboards, I will remain in bed today.

We've had rain all week since Sunday. Saturday was the last fine weather day, but brutally humid. Now we know why. On that Saturday, I needed some things from the shed and as I pulled everything out and put it all back an hour or so later, I noticed how damp each thing was after sitting on the lawn. Humidity really does trap moisture in the grass. (I never knew that.) My neighbour also took me to Mitre 10 Mega that same day to buy sandpaper for my front door. That was very kind of her. (I've since sanded a third of it. Not sure what kind of wood it's made of but it is a hardwood.)

Listening to a lot of music today.

It's always a great, big, wonderful blessing to feel less sick.

The rains have brought cooler days to New Zealand as Auckland region gears up to open its borders once again and our country's borders will be thrown wide open in time for Christmas. The TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM is well underway and is working so far. Brilliant.

I had a long dream about my daughter and her husband. It was a time of remonstrance between myself and the son~in~law, and a time of love and caring compassion towards my daughter. Always in dreams, I am closer to my little family than I've ever been in real life.

Tragedy doesn't overwhelm nor overshadow my waking life so much anymore and I have physical room to breathe in fresher thinking and spiritual sunshine. As a consequence, I feel better. Sobriety IS a feel good program or why would I want to live it? Yes I miss getting drunk and high, but I'm not dead. Not by a long shot.

Life is filled with refinement ; the burning fires of constant refinement. Progression and advancement throughout lifetimes brings greater joy and peace to the brokenhearted.

Two New Zealand movies : Once Were Warriors and What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted? Must sees for recovery. Seen 'em both.

Sandy mitten cat is here beside on the bed washing himself. He'll be my buddy today.

A mobile I made earlier on this year :


Slowing down isn't easy or straightforward. Easy and straightforward are two words that do not belong in recovery circles. Fuck this but it's true. Easy Does It and First Things First do. Fuck this but it's true.

Okay. Working on my back today writing. A short story to work on, and a microstory which pushes the word limit. I no longer care about convention. I laugh out loud in the face of convention. In your face convention. 🖕! And THAT'S what I think of you.

Be blessed, never cursed MJ. Love you.

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