Today is August 18, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
December 2021

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Back Again. Entry Rewritten.
December 14, 2021

I've overdone it. Bleeding a little bit but it's tapering off now. I woke up this morning praying and weeping over it. It always pays to truly listen to professional medical instruction for post surgery self-care. Mandatory bedrest today. Tomorrow too after going to bank, paying bills (2), and food shop. Taking it real easy this is scary.

I've started the redecorating project on my bedsit. Painting the tiny lobby and sanding the wood door frames. Oil wood surfaces with linseed oil. Sanding, staining, oiling, painting front door too and interior window frames in big room and kitchen. Should be done by February. Also painting the big wall in main room.

Still got exhibit end of January but I may cancel. Ton of stuff to tackle but health more important.

Missing my family. Should be seeing them before Christmas as my sister is bringing my oldest granddaughter down for the holidays.

I've been eating well. The weight that I'm still carrying is a discomfort that is with me daily. A good kind of discomfort. This means I can let go of the past and let go of the remaining weight that is burdensome.

Unit inspection yesterday went very well.

I thought that I was out of toilet paper but I found another mega roll in the top of the airing cupboard. Miracle's are always welcome in my home. Always.

I'm also sewing new curtains for the main room.
I only have three rooms in my little house.

Really, I have very few genuine complaints. Acceptance is a teacher by pain. Sobering process.

I have my compression stockings on and have taken 30 mgs amitriptyline and all my other meds tonight after an early dinner. 1800 to 1930 was my dinner break. I ate as I cooked it while gaming in between.

Dekks and Sandy are inside now sleeping.

The village lounge is decorated for Christmas. So sweet. (I didn't do it this year.)

A social comment about Netflix's Mom series.
I loved it for the tenacious recovery message that carried faithful from the first episode to the last. I've watched all eight seasons and will watch the whole eight seasons again in January. My only discomfort was the sexual jokes between grandma mom and daughter mom. Who, in their right sober mind, gives their daughter the kind of advice that grandma mom does to her daughter??? If I said those things to my daughter she'd smash me one. Also sleeping with her adult daughter, however innocent it is, Contextually it romanticizes poverty, but still...there is a perfectly good fold out couch bed on the ground floor of the set. Sex is a big thing in recovery and the writer/s really did a sell point send up. It was uncomfortable to watch but pushed hard to let myself get uncomfortable with it and found comfort in it. Amazing show anyway. My meeting without a meeting.

Well, this is better than getting pissed about losing the last entry.

Buona vida.

Ti hei mauri ora. Po mari e.

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