Today is October 1, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
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Day Surgery.
December 8, 2021

Tomorrow's the big day.
Been praying..a lot...think I'll be okay. It's day surgery however, I've asked to be kept in overnight as I have no support person to keep me company for the 24 hours after surgery. They allowed this. COVID is on. My support people from church have got families. No way.

Fuck this old busybody biddy female neighbour is being a complete control freak. (When is she not?) She's reported all the feral cats (4 in total) to our fortnightly tenants meeting which I don't attend, and now SPCA are involved with providing cages (bullshit ~ workers will be coming along WITH the cages) and rounding them all up. I reminded this bitch of a neighbor of mine for the hundredth time, that I have already organized for them to be rehomed.
Hello, we have a pandemic? We're only just starting out with the traffic light system. It's a neighborhood of bitches that I have to be nice to.
I warned her that if the SPCA walk onto the property with cages, I'll be out there stopping them. I'd best get in touch with the animal rescue people. What a bitch. When isn't she being one? There's always a catch to her niceness, it's quickly followed up by a knife in the back.
I've kept my word and have been having less and less to do with these village people.

I hate living here. Always some daily bullshit to deal with.

Cats are beautiful.

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