Today is July 6, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
November 2021

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Feels Good To Be Back.
November 26, 2021

A week later my relapse is over.
I've apologized to my sister.
I miss my oldest granddaughter and today I am going to Messenger her and invite her down for the holidays. December 17th is when school holidays begins. She is sitting her tertiary entrance exams this year. Probably her final year of high school. She does home schooling as it's better for her health. Incredibly sad that the third generation also has mental illness.
Grandmother, mother, daughter. Incredibly sad. However the beautiful news is that there is recovery. Healing. Much love and blessings and health giving human and spiritual connection. Much to be thankful for.

A week. The journey has taken me quite some ways from where my sober pathway used to be. It's feels good to be back.

I'm taking our landlord to the tenancy tribunal. Holding them to account. I am not taking shit from no one.
I want those two cunts for neighbours gone. Neither of them has stopped harrassing me. They need a fucken good hard kick to their heads. Complete cunts and a total waste of space. Cops are fucken useless too. They can go get fucked as well. Here it is written so my beautiful mind is never encumbered by the shit that others spread.

I want to get well again.
I want to know what it feels like to thrive and live on love like I've never lived on love before.
Life is incredibly short. And short is good when lived well.

Taking it real easy today. I'm still drunk, and hungover at the same time. And I hate it. That's how much alcohol I drank yesterday on an empty stomach. I tried to eat but didn't get very far. I lost my shit last night too but it was providential that I was at home and it was late. Discomfort and dis-ease of using. This shit is real. I prefer to be sober. Meds and sleep and headache medication.

It's so hot. We're in for a long very heated Summer season. Thirty degrees yesterday. 11:49. I've had breakfast : Roggenbrot rye bread, two slices, several slices of hard cheese and the rest of a gorgeous basil pesto. I'm off butter and sugar, and junkfood. Just extra virgin olive oil. Fruit sugars. I'm trying and aiming for one whole year. Good food and exercise.

I love doing floor exercises. No equipment just body resistance and yoga stretching and poses.

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