Today is May 22, 2022
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
November 2021

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Intermittent Server Errors Gone.
November 2, 2021

The website is functioning well Frank sweetheart and as it is meant to. There are no more ISE. Been this way for a while. All of September at least. Thankyou.

I hope today goes better than yesterday. No, that's not quite right. I hope that I can rise to the challenging parts of today with a bright new attitude. No matter how small. It would make me feel better about myself and how I deal with others.

I'm enjoying my food. Today it's a coleslaw and lentil fritters as the star feature, along with Greek yoghurt, banana and kiwifruit. That should be it. Taste and health are equally important to me. Just loving the American food culture shows on YouTube. I'd love a burrito, pizza, ANYTHING made in America. You guys do giant sized stuff. We can't because of health regulations. The American idea of WHOPPER sized and New Zealand's idea of whopper sized don't compare. At all. So hungry for a burrito right now. Not the same if I make it...

I'd buy a tiny, weensy teensy tub of Ben&Jerry's tomorrow but I'm saving for a new lock for the front door.

I'm sick and tired of patronizing condescending pompous gits who preach to me their gospel version of life and God. There has been so many of them. Becoming intolerant of them now. GFY. I'm doing okay. I really am. God's got this.

The beautiful 12 tiny fluffy Mallard ducklings have grown into beautiful young adults. Caught a glimpse of them the other day with mama duck and papa duck. A beautiful family. Brings tears to my eyes. I'll never forget those two scenes. Saw them once under the bridge while out walking. Again on a later day in a paddock. They have gone now. Only saw papa duck from the bridge sitting on the water in a alcove created by the bank. He was looking downstream. Then I saw them. The 12 ducklings were swimming upstream with mama. Papa was waiting for them. It's the oldest set of Mallard ducklings I have ever seen still with their parents. The size difference not appearance was remarkable. They were smaller adult versions of their parents. And none of them were males. 12 daughters. Incredible experience.

09:05 ANZT. Summer is on its way.
Hoping for a thunderstorm. Love those.
Gardens are gorgeous. 3 years of hard work. Fibromyalgia is not going to stop me doing anything. Dreading my upcoming surgery. Not cancer. No.

I have anxiety and I don't know why. It sits in my gut day after day year after year and I don't know why. Time to examine.....

I won't get wellness from a sick person (God)...I can still heal though, no matter who surrounds me...a founding member of AA says this. It's true. Love you Bill W. Yesterday I carried my one year sobriety chip around in my pocket. I made it to 15 months. I can do it again.
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