Today is November 29, 2021
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
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October 26, 2021

08:27 a.m.
Two things I'm grateful to find during my spiritual study/meditation this grey, overcast, unusually still, birdsong filled, late Spring morning.

Daily Reflections (AA) : "Trust is my watchword." Oct 26, p. 308.

Little blue book of (GROW) : "You've got to love people back to health."
P. 74.

And I respond to the aforescribed :

•I can watch for ways to trust God and Humanity over time. The suspicious, paranoid side of my mind which is deeply steeped in trauma can be contained, healed but NEVER swept aside. My distrust of humankind has its fundamental roots buried STRONGLY in FACT.

•Well, no. I don't got to do ANYTHING. I can choose from a range of people whom I can further choose to either love or avoid. THIS is how I choose to love myself back to health. And it naturally follows on that I can choose to help others by loving them back to health. This will NEVER BE STRAIGHTFORWARD so my watchword is trust in God and man. Somehow I believe that it will be God far more than man.

(The term 'man' is a generic, scriptural description of humanity. No offense intended ladies. Like 'the children of men'.)
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