Today is October 27, 2021
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Amanda22Jane. by Miss Integrity
October 2021

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Walking For Fibromyalgia Wellbeing.
October 13, 2021

The excruciating beginnings of long distance walking, 14 months later, is paying off. I no longer live with chronic pain at the level that I've experienced for four years. Long years it seemed, in combination with other health challenges and conditions.
Time for quiet reflection and a prayer of gratitude.
Now it's time to start working on other areas of this body hammered by life's more serious afflictions. My core and upper body. Easy does it 'cause I'm scared of injuries. (Had enough of those.)

I'm grateful just to be moving these days.

Today's walk? Time flew for the first part of a half circuit, then dragged for the last part.
I thoroughly enjoyed the moment. Took in a heavy isolated shower near the mountains, the sun's pale rays shining through the storm clouds, the dairy cows and wildlife. Seagulls : one doing a playful dive roll. Two pukekos : one chasing the other up high into a tree. Two small calves in a back field. A young pretty goat, with slender curved horns. The two sheep boys. (They're enormous!) Herds of young heifers, so pretty. Different breeds. They're our future milk supply. I talk to all the animals on my walk. Flowering trees, homes in the area, their gardens are beautiful. A dad coming home toting his beer pack ; talking to his small daughter through the window. Joggers and other walkers. Really lovely out mid evening shortly before sunset.

▪Mind drifting back to childhood when our milk was delivered by our school bus driver, Mr. Collett who also had a dairy farm and family. We drank unpasteurized milk back then. Rich and clean. The cream never needed whipping as it was so thick. You could literally stand a teaspoon straight up in a cup of it. Thicker than the consistency of clotted cream available in today's dairy milk range▪

Saying hi to those in favour of an amiable acknowledgement. Very nice.

I've developed stomach troubles over the past six weeks because of this ongoing dispute. I'll get there. The fear and anger has been an enormous strain on my soul. As if I'm not broken and been through enough already. Unbelievable <> just repeating what is important. I need to be careful what I disclose. The dispute also involves making a complaint to the IPA. I'm on my own but not entirely. Once again unbelievable but believable. It's made me strong where I didn't even imagine that I could be strong.

Slowly introducing the process of visual art back into my life. Pretty interesting learning going on each time I approach it. A lot to face. Just gradually.

A long day. No nap. Pretty busy.
Meds and bed.

Cuddling cats, telling them I love them and walking were the best things.

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