Today is July 27, 2021
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First world problems, probably. by donotwant
July 2021

July 2021

Do do do do do
July 19, 2021

I feel better today. I got the insurance handled for my car. I have appts all day tomorrow. I'm getting my shit handled so it's not more on Husband's plate. I just feel better. No more tears, lol.

We have the baby NEXT WEEK & my car will probably still be in the shop. But the good news is, I get a rental. I figured I'd be without til it was fixed, which would have been ok, Husband's off for his long week starting Friday, so I'll be able to use his, if needed. We're just really lucky, I feel lucky. I still feel dumb as hell, but at least we have insurance & the means to take care of it.

I guess next week we'll start putting his swing together. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but we changed our minds about his name. We're so bad at this, lol. My gram said it's just cause we've already used all the good names, haha. Which, to be fair, is true. I've used all the names I love. Well that Husband loves too, cause we have VERYYY different name tastes.

I am sore tonight. Braxton Hicks are kicking my ass. It's making me shorter than normal with everyone. I feel like I'm in sensory overload tonight, too.

I know writing here is pointless, but it's been something I look forward to. A safe space to get whatever bullshit out without judgment.

I'm ready for a quiet moment tonight.
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