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Ghosts In the Shredder by Zombalaya
June 2021

June 2021
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December 12, 1996 (edited)
June 9, 2021

Thurs., Dec. 12, 1996 6:30 A.M.
More musing while I eat Grape-Nuts.
The universe is one big paradox. One big mystery. One
tiny thing that shouldn't be - but it IS, so it is.

I suppose that if I'm sitting here writing on these pages,
then anything is possible. The other possiblity
is that we are because circumstances let us be.
That means that this possibility (which is now reality)
is the only thing possible right now.
Still, my mind is drawn to the idea of some kind
of power that permeates the universe and myself.
Saying that there is a God is just dodging the question.

People say that we were created and were given our
abilities by a God, and they use this idea of god
as a doorstop so that cycle or spiral of creation or
being is only opened so far, but the view outside the door is only a brick wall.
I have to quit tormenting myself with the questions
of how and I need to just be, just as the universe
I think what is disturbing me the most lately
is that I have realized the absurdity of the
universe for the first time, but
I have extrapolated the issue and decided that
because what would seem an improbability is,
then what else is possible?

If we do exist, is it also feasible that a
god exists?
I can counter this uncertainty somewhat when
I realize that because this (what we call life and
living) is, then it is not an improbability.
It is.

All I know is that I am. I have only known
life, and I only know this life. I can not live
by what "might be." I am only an I am.
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