Today is May 6, 2021
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May 3, 2021
May 3, 2021

It's 7:41 AM here. I woke up 3 hours ago and couldn't go back to sleep. I know I'm going to feel pretty awful this afternoon but this happens to me sometimes.

It's a rainy morning here in Ireland. It reminds me of the daily weather that we had in January and February. I kind of miss that weather now that it's sunny most of the time, even though I hated that weather at the time.

I went to the Killruddery House and Gardens yesterday. Of course the tours weren't going on because of covid but it was a gorgeous place. I walked up on the hill behind the place and got this picture:

I started an online Python course the other day. I wasn't planning to start until the summer but I felt like starting so I did. I took a class on it in the fall but I felt like I didn't really learn what I needed to, so I'm starting again.

I talked with Shantih (roommate) for like an hour or two yesterday. Every time I think I've pissed her off somehow she does something that makes me realize it was all in my head. We talked about different things. Flying home, coronavirus, my growing up in Alabama and her in Taiwan, college, racism. It's interesting to me how conversation flows from topic to topic.

I sometimes feel like I'm never the one asking questions in conversation.

I read this book about human decision making and one of the chapters was about how bad people are at predicting the future because our predictions often lack imagination. I think that's important to keep in mind.
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