Today is April 12, 2021
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dumb cunt's journal by cunt of Domainruler
April 2021

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April 8, 2021

this cunt keeps servicing men because that's what it is made for
its manager at the plumbery warehouse is happy because it sold 2 expensive machines in one day but one wanted to fuck its cunt and the other one wanted me to suck him and swallow his load . and it did both.
later the manager called me to his office and he was happy and he didnt beat me and it could kneel before him to lick his ass and crotch and balls and then suck his cock and get his load too.
on the way home, when i pass by the park it knows it will find some of his brother's friends and the boys want me to show them its tits and cunt and ass. they get very hard and it does what its Master wants and it offers them its ass to fuck so they fuck it too and it cleans them good afterwards.

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This dumb cunt begs everyone to go to this dumb cunt's forum and give its owner ideas for its use. If it is imaginative enough its owner may allow that person to use this dumb cunt.

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