Today is February 26, 2021
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dumb cunt's journal by cunt of Domainruler
February 2021

February 2021
January 2021

like mother like daughter
February 21, 2021

this whore tries to stop servicing at work to not to be fired but it's difficult. yesterday it was friday and after work i sucked about 10 dicks in the toilets and 5 of them used my holes. they humiliate me there pushing my head in the toilet bowl and fucking me from behind and beating my back too and punishing my tits.
it got a shower at work but still its clothes had cum stains.
when it got out of the work there was a client of the warehouse waiting for me. this whore knew him for years because he is the husband of a friend of my mother. But it was not sure he knew this whore.
He made me got in his little truck and he was telling it nice things like what a pretty little whore and he saw that my little ass was begging for cock. it didnt know what to say and it just smiled back to him and it thought of its Master and it spread its legs and showed him its cunt.
he took me to a motel out of the town and he made it undress and he also saw its bruises and he loved that.
He put his belt around its neck and was using this whore like a pet. He face fucked me very hard and the he fucked my ass sooo hard. it was painful Sir. And he made it suck his cock after fucking its ass and he came on its face. And he made me lick him clean when he has done. while he was relaxing a little it had to lick his cock clean and balls and ass.
but the most shocking thing Sir is that he told it that this whore is almost as good as its mother. It couldnt believe what i've heard and it asked him if he had used my mom and he said many times and he laughed.
My Master says that like mother, like daughter.

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