Today is February 26, 2021
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Day to day happenings. by Gingersnap1971
February 2021

February 2021
January 2021

February 19, 2021

He says how many times can he say he is sorry for the past or present mistakes, Well how about change into a nicer person.

I am starting to think we cant come back from this. We are stuck in this rut and maybe its far too gone.

He says he is sorry , but he always says he is sorry for the things he has said and done. But really what changes with that "sorry"

I told him I don't feel like he is sorry , yes he said the words but is he actually. He doesn't act like he wants things to be better. He comes home today and has his face in his phone. Outside he asked me how was your day.... but that was it.

Grab me , hug me tell me you love me. That you are going to be good to me. Do something!! That I deserve better.

Get help for fucks sake. Find out why you have been such a selfish harsh fuck to me and the kids all these years.


Happy weekend, it doesn't seem very happy at all.
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