Today is November 29, 2021
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Aging Disgracefully by ElleNewYorker
October 2021

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The Mine Boggling Audacity Of It All
October 14, 2021

Can you imagine being physically handicapped on a few levels and still be expected to perform at 100% for those who are healthier than you, and when you can't, you catch a stinking attitude in return? I can't even take care of most of my own essential physical needs properly, yet you want me to go through hoops for yours? Foh.

Can you imagine getting through in life because you got married, something you always spoke negatively against and vowed you'd never do, and now when my ass is left behind, you keep rubbing it in my face that I'm not working?!?! Tf?! Should I get married too and use someone solely for that to get ahead in life? Eff that. Now your ass is stuck with someone who gets sicker mentally as the years go on, and you complain numerous times about it to ME, and you even had the gall to say, I didn't want to get married but I did what I had to. EFF YOU MOTHER EFFER!!!

I know our current situation is made even tighter because I'm not working, you cunt, and you know well that even if the opportunity was there, I'm limited in what I can do. Hell, I don't even know if I could work as I am now. I need surgery, and you effing know that. Tf am I supposed to do?!?!? I didn't ask to come here in the first effing place and now I'm stuck. Sick, handicapped, and effing stuck. eff it all.
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