Today is October 27, 2021
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Aging Disgracefully by ElleNewYorker
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All Clear And Some Clarity
October 8, 2021

It was sure good to get that negative result back! But to my understanding now, after taking a breath and composing myself, a detected result doesn't mean a positive result. So I was wrong about him being definitely positive.

A break-down was in the notes all a long, and I didn't even read further than the detected part because I panicked, lol. However, we were all advised to quarantine, nonetheless, and get tested again.

Honestly, I didn't have any real fear. As nasty and deliberate as dad can be, the rest of us sanitized and wore masks. We did our part. And I still spray the place down every day anyway. I will also be getting tested again maybe next week.

But besides that, I don't like what's going on with me pain-wise. Ever since my first dose, I've been having strong and frequent bouts of fatigue. The node behind my ear is swollen again too, and I need some dental work done, but who's gonna take their mask off for that long in that setting?!?!?

After seeing how many health officials are protesting against being vaccinated, it makes me wonder just how many unvaccinated ones have taken care of me now. Good thing I've kept masked up around them then! None can be trusted.
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