The Writings of A Consensual Slave by Slave Saoirse
October 2020
26The Enigma that is...Saoirse!
28Punished...Twice in two days!
31Master...Your head isn't invinsible!
The Enigma that is...Saoirse!
October 26, 2020

i'm going to throw around a lot of D/s terms, so if you need more clarification, please ask. Please be aware that my Master may, at His discretion, read any pms or threads in my forum.

i am:

An owned consensual slave:

This means that i subscribe to the practice of consensual nonconsent. What that means is that i consent to having no limits and no boundaries, except for those that would cause harm or permanent injury. My relationbship is built on trust and communication and on His knowing me so well and knowing what i enjoy and can and cannot handle. This is a most fulfilling relationship for me, as i find freedom in my submission and take pleasure in my servitude.

A brat:

This means that i can be snarky, disobedient at times, but never to get attention or to receive serious punishment. It means i can be disrespectful, am strong willed and have a mind of my own... think of a brat as a wolf, tamed, but never domesticated.

A Primal prey:

This means that i let my animalistic side come out. i am a wolf and the wolf within calls. this does not mean I believe i am literally a wolf, but that i roleplay a wolf and can use being primal during sex as a great release, as one acts only on one's animal instincts and does not talk or communicate in a way one's chosen animal would not do. Being prey means that i like being captured or taken by the primal predator or primal hunter...i love the fight and the sex at the end Smile

A Little:

This is where my little side comes out. i enjoy playing games with my daddy Dom/Master. i colour, play with toys and watch cartoons. i do not engage in incest fantasies, though some do. i find that repulsive.

A princess by day and a slut by night:

This means i enjoy being pampered and spoiled and treated like a queen, but behind closed doors...Oh, the things i can get up to. "I'll turn you into my bitch," is one of my favourite things i get to hear Connor say.

A Mistress:

i also own a slave, though i am not a switch. i need to serve like i need air to breathe, but i want to dominate because i enjoy it. My slave's Pearse and he calls me M'Lady, which i find incredibly hot.
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