Living in the Chaos of the Apocalypses by Rawlf Nietzsche
October 2020
12i don't give a shit
13my sister wants me to fuck her. #01
17My first "commando" walk With a picture...{I decide to try not to be a coward}
20I am a ghost #001 {from Twitter, including pix}
22this could be yours...if--- {twitter, picture)
24oooops! you shouldn't have seen that (pix)
oooops! you shouldn't have seen that (pix)
October 24, 2020

Last week, I took my usual commando walk. It was longer than the rest, something like 6.5 miles. Three of those miles, well, I got lost in a half-way Richie Rich land.

So I'm listening to my Pink Floyd playlist on Spotify, wishing I had a damn reefer to smoke. No such luck, first I don't know anybody and second: I seldom have free money.

I finally make it back to the apartment complex I live in. I believe 85% are Spanish folks here. It's hard to make friends when they don't speak English and I don't Spanish. Most of the ones around here do so "hi" or whatever.

When I get home, I am hot, so I go in, change into a pair of jean cut-offs, grab a beer and a cigar and go sit outside to cool off.

While I am there, I notice, as usual, a small group of Spanish ladies a bit away from me...their daily gossip time. There's three ladies, probably fifty to seventy, standing by themselves and talking. I notice they make rather furtive glances my way, then whisper among themselves. This goes on for about thirty minutes before they go their separate ways.

Well back inside, sitting on the edge of my bed, I realize what they kept glancing at. I guess I cut these shorts a little too short.


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