Living in the Chaos of the Apocalypses by Rawlf Nietzsche
October 2020
12i don't give a shit
13my sister wants me to fuck her. #01
17My first "commando" walk With a picture...{I decide to try not to be a coward}
20I am a ghost #001 {from Twitter, including pix}
22this could be yours...if--- {twitter, picture)
24oooops! you shouldn't have seen that (pix)
My first "commando" walk With a picture...{I decide to try not to be a coward}
October 17, 2020

bout certain things in life, I've been a bit of a coward.

Things change, we gotta evolve or we go crazy.

My wife went without panties a lot, she had her reason, which I will go into later. She always joked with me because I refused to try it. I had my reasons.

Personal evolution eventually kicks in, like it did for me. One day, I decided to try not to be a coward at certain things. So, I decided to do things I would have never done before: one of them was to go commando.

I take a lot of walks around my part of the city. In winter, it wasn't too bad at all. However as soon as summer hit, and 90+ heat was the thing, shit, I slowed down in my walking. Totally bored one day, I decided to "go commando".

It took a bit of self-talk, that's for sure. But I figured, "why the hell not"...and I just did it.

I found great pleasure in it. This is something I will explain later too.

For the past two months, whenever I take my walks, and even when I go to the store, I go commando.

Yeah, now the first step has been one, I am finding more interest in stopping being such a coward in life.

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