Living in the Chaos of the Apocalypses by Rawlf Nietzsche
October 2020
12i don't give a shit
13my sister wants me to fuck her. #01
17My first "commando" walk With a picture...{I decide to try not to be a coward}
20I am a ghost #001 {from Twitter, including pix}
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my sister wants me to fuck her. #01
October 13, 2020

Let me set this up: many years ago when my sister was 16 and I was 14...I caught her walking naked down the hallway. She told me to follow her, and like an idiot, I did.

We got to her room and she insisted I take off my clothes, so, like an idiot I did. At that age, I was fascinated by the body of a naked female. I guess it didn't bother me that the first female naked body I saw, was my sister's. At that age, I guess we are all a bit stupid anyway.

Naked, I stood before her and then she did something I didn't expect. Touch touched my cock. OMG, it abruptly got hard. I had no control on what my cock was doing!

As she fondled me, I simply couldn't take my eyes off her naked body. Her pert tits, her naked pube. Her pink clit and vulva. In my head, I wanted to touch her, to see what she felt like: so cautiously I touched her breasts. With timid fingers, I touched her clit. And...she liked it.

That day, we explored each others body. She laid down in her bed and I touched her everywhere...even her asshole. She liked being touched on her asshole. She insisted I push my timid fingers into her asshole: and as an attentive, idiot brother, I gently pushed my finger into her asshole.

Well...over the next month, whenever our parents were gone, we'd get naked and explore each other's body.

One day she played with my youthful cock while I fingered her pussy. we were, I'm not sure if you could call it "innocently" or not, but we masturbated each other. She had an orgasm before me...and when I did, what she did blew my innocent mind away: she leaned over and actually licked my the head of my cock, licking my cum.

After that day, we didn't do anything again.

It was a month's worth of...exploration. Never anything more than touching, caressing, mutual-masturbation.

And after that month: nothing more.

Now zip some very many years...from the late 60s, to now.

So much has gone on in each other's life. I didn't know that back in the 80s, my sister and her husband were "swingers." She told me a few weeks ago. It is something so different from the person I knew, such a prude, a religious down on people. To find out she was a swinger, well, that blew me away.

One night, about a month ago, I got totally wasted on Tequila. I had memories of what we did when we were young. For some odd, horrible human thing---fuck, I got so horny, I couldn't help me. I texted her that I wanted to show her my cock...and why not, she had played with it when we were kids. She wrote me back, rather in a tease sort of way---daring me to do it.

My sister has lived through three strokes. She uses a wheel chair and is a bit, well, out-there. Yet there is enough nasty in her, for sure. She is now 68, been divorced since she was in her late 40s...apparently without sex since. Masturbation is one thing. It is self-love, it is something we do for ourselves. Seeing another person naked is totally different.

In her texts, she was, in her own way daring me to come into her room, drop my shorts and let her see my cock. Yet at the same time, she was acting aloof and a bit indifferent.

I was really drunk. I didn't care. I was horny. I didn't care if it was my own sister who saw my cock or not.

So...I went into her room. She was in her wheelchair, and as I stood behind her, I dropped my shorts, and she immediately turned around to look.

Now see, she could have simply stayed facing the other direction. But she didn't. Her self-righteous, religious self set aside...she immediately spun around and gazed at my cock.

She didn't have to do that. She could have ignored me. But she didn't. She spun around and looked at my cock.

Now I was nasty to begin with, to be so damn horny for a woman to see my cock, that I teased my own sister and went into her room and showed off my cock. I was evil enough.

But with all of her boisterous Christian purity and her whole thing about us being brother and sister (it hadn't bothered her when we were young): she spun around in her wheelchair and stared at my half-hard cock as if she had never seen one before.

In reality, she hadn't seen a cock since 1990.

Ok...lets move from two months ago to about a week ago.

Maybe its the prescriptions she is on. Maybe it's cuz she hasn't seen a cock since me showing her...maybe it's cuz she's had three strokes: but now, things are weird.

I am in the kitchen...she wheels her way right outside the kitchen and she watches me as I do what I'm doing.

"You know that I've seen your cock..." she starts to say: "...if you weren't my brother I'd really want you to fuck me."


She looked at me. "Yeah, I'd want you to fuck me. I haven't had sex in...since the early 90s...and I'd like for us to have fuck."


She continued: "But we are brother and sister...and it is wrong. But I can't help how I feel. I want you to fuck me."

Nothing else was said.

Oh shit.

Couple weeks have gone by.

Fuck me to hell.

Send me to hell.

I'm demented.

I now, for some odd reason want to fuck the hell out of my sister.
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