** FUCKED & in Chaos ** by Rawlf Nietzsche
September 2020
15LiD&C diary entry # 015 -- Sinful Siblings -- "the cock episode #001"
LiD&C diary entry # 015 -- Sinful Siblings -- "the cock episode #001"
September 15, 2020

Since the demise of my marriage, I moved back to (XXX) from living in the east coast.

My sister and I never really got on very well. Her opinions and other "beliefs" are, well, not for me. However she invited me to share the townhouse she and her adult daughter live in. There's a bit of history I am going to leave out right now. Let's just say she was 14 and I was 12. I will write about that later.

So I've been alone and quite lonely for about two years now. Though I am searching for female companionship, the combo of the virus and whatever else seems to interrupt.

I made a choice about a month ago, to build up my courage and do some things I never would have before. I will write about that later too. One such thing, is going "commando" on my walks around town. It might be a little thing for some, but for me, it's a big step.

I've also decided to use Snapchat, I have no friends on it, though I have the account set for public...nobody has come around. It is an interesting site, to be sure. One of the biggest decisions I made, also couple weeks ago, was to take "naughty selfies" and post them of Snapchat.

So last week, probably around 11pm, I'm watching some dull tv show, when my cellphone dings. My sister has written me a note. She wants to "talk"...it's rather odd since we don't talk to each other unless we have too. She's been handicapped for about two years and uses a wheelchair. I figured she wanted me to get something for her.

I'd been drinking Tequila for a couple of hours and to say the least, I was deluged. I was, well, very drunk and, well, naked.

I walked into her room, she spun around, her eyes got big and a wicked smile came to her face. "Rawlf, I can see your cock!" she pronounced. She just eyed me, looking at me without any shame at all.

My mind wavered a bit: "What the hell?" I said, when I realized I was naked. But you know what? I didn't care that I was naked. I stood there and allowed her to be an open voyeur. And she took full advantage of it: looking at my cock, then at me, then back at my cock.

She could have, when she saw I was naked, immediately turn around. But she didn't. In her own way, she gawked at me.

It felt like, well, a long time that I stood there naked and her looking at me. When she actually reached out and let her fingertips play on my cock...honestly, I didn't care.

It didn't get harder, as one would figure, even with having it felt my a sister. It stayed flaccid, but got longer. From just lightly fingering it, she full-tilt began to fondle it.

Drunk and dumfounded, I just stood there and let her fondle me.

Finally it hit me, that I was indeed naked and letting my sister fondle my cock. She had this weird and wild look in her eyes. I started to step back, but she, scooted her wheelchair, keeping up with me.
Looking at me: "Why doesn't it get hard?" she begged the question.

I gave a smile. "I believe I have E.D.," I replied. "That's all it will do..." and...fucking kill me, I began to enjoy being fondled by my sister.

For the next thirty minutes I let her fondle me.

She seemed so intent on what she was doing. It was as if she had lost her mind. Fuck, I had lost my mind anyway, and damn me, I didn't care.

I took a step back again, she looked at me: "Ok, that's it..." I said, turned around and left the room.

Last night she sent me a text: "I want to do what we did last week, again."

Can I say: Oh fuck!
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