Today is January 17, 2021
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January 2021

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End of Week 16
January 12, 2021

Another week down and I’m 2.4 lbs lighter this week. That brings my loss since surgery to 49.2 and my loss since I weighed in at my first consult with the surgeon to 59.4. I started with the doc in March (I think). Just when I start to feel like my weight loss is slowing WAY down, I get these kinds of reminders about how far I’ve actually come in this process. Like I’ve said before… my brain still hasn’t caught up.

I went in for my labs yesterday and so far, all the results have come back perfect! I’m right in the middle of the “normal” range for all of the tests he ran. My liver enzymes are still right where they should be and my vitamin levels are all stable. The vitamin D levels are high (not dangerously high or anything… just higher than they need to be) so I’m wondering if he’ll have me cut back on the extra D that I’m taking daily (2x per day)? We shall see. Higher levels (below the toxic level of 100+) are not super common. From what I understand, they’re more concerned with low levels. So I’m glad that the supplements are working as they should be so far. This makes me happy. My Cholesterol and Triglycerides were creeping up there before surgery but for some reason I didn’t see any results about those in the bloodwork so far. There may be more info coming. I have to go back in on Friday morning for another set of labs because my primary care doc ordered some different ones that may or may not overlap. So maybe cholesterol/triglycerides will be in her test? Who knows. But it’s good to see that my body is functioning well.

I still feel like I’m eating too much (all things considered) this week. I’m doing better about the snacking today but yeah, it’s really still a challenge for me. I noticed today, since I’ve been keeping busy with things around the house that I haven’t been snacking too much. Maybe that’s the key – KEEP BUSY! That’s usually a helpful tactic for keeping me out of the cabinets… but working from home makes it easy to just grab a quick bite of something. Maybe I should think about making my breakfast and lunch the night before… like I would do when I was working in the office. Hmmm… that’s kind of an interesting idea. I just might do that. Pack my breakfast, lunch, and snacks in the evening and set them aside in the fridge so there’s no weighing, measuring, or decision making involved the next day. Just eat what’s there. Hmmmm… I think I might be on to something. I pack my husband’s lunches in the evening so why not do mine at the same time? This might help. Suddenly I feel like a lightbulb just went off in my head. Laughing Let me flesh out that idea a little more and make some preparations for next week. YAY!

We are going on a mini-vacation for my friend’s birthday. He and his husband and me and my husband will be taking a trip to the coast. We have separate hotel rooms and we will be masked and socially distanced… although these 2 are in our very close circle anyway. One is a healthcare worker and he’s been vaccinated. The other works from home and stays isolated almost all the time unless we come by for a visit. I’ve already planned to pack some breakfasts and protein snacks for that trip and we’re bringing the bikes and the hiking boots so we will definitely be moving a lot. Our friends are very active people and none of us like to sit around. ESPECIALLY since we’ll be along the coastline and beaches where we all love to explore and enjoy the scenery. I can’t wait to get away. I’ve been craving crab for a while now so I’m going to have to figure out how I can make that work. Paying the price for a full crab meal would be pretty wasteful because I won’t be able to eat much more than MAX 4 oz (if I ONLY eat crab)… and sharing a crab meal with my husband isn’t an option because he’s not a big crab fan. So… I’ll have to play that one by ear. I can always pick up a few crab legs when we’re out there, pack them in ice, then make a small portion for myself when I get home. We shall see.

How am I feeling? Physically – really good. I’ve got a super-abundance of energy that seems to keep growing daily. I feel like I did when I was pregnant and “nesting.” I’ve been on this cleaning and organizing kick lately and I’ve got big plans for the rest of the week. I’m so tired of clutter and stuff EVERYWHERE so I’ve been going through cabinets and drawers and boxes and storage areas getting rid of stuff we don’t need. We have a great thrift store near us that benefits a fantastic charity so we love getting rid of stuff knowing it’ll go somewhere where it’ll do some good for someone. My bedroom is next! I’ve got a constant supply of too-big clothes that I keep bagging up for donation… but there’s so much more organizing to be done. It’s so nice to have the energy to do it!

Mentally/emotionally – I’m still working on being kinder and more patient with myself as I figure out how to manage my food intake and my new body. It’s a process. But I’m not quite as freaked out as I was a few days back after my binge-fest. Other than that… no issues at all.

It’s funny… I’ve just discovered I LOVE PAJAMAS!! I have always worn some kind of leggings and t-shirts around the house. Pajamas never interested me. And for some reason, I ordered a silky set on ebay. It’s beautiful satiny material with comfy pants and a button down top. It’s navy blue with these really pretty cream and goldish large flowers… they were SO PRETTY I couldn’t resist. When I got them in the mail I was IN LOVE. They feel so good on and they look BEAUTIFUL. My husband even commented on how pretty they are. Now I’m on a pajama hunt! Laughing I find it amusing that I suddenly LOVE them when I was perfectly content wearing my son’s old football t-shirts and some stretched out leggings before. Now I want all things silky and pretty. Laughing Ah well… it’s nice to feel good.

Hoping you all are having a happy and healthy new year so far. It’s been crazy here in the States with all that’s going on in our government. Hope everyone is staying safe and sane through it all!
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