Today is January 27, 2021
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Happy Halloween - MUCH better tummy today
October 31, 2020

So I went out and got some Culturelle probiotics last night. They were on sale at my local Sam's club so I got 80 doses and I'm supposed to take 2 per day. One in the morning on an empty stomach and one before bed about 2 hours after my last meal. I took my first dose last night and I felt MUCH better when I got up this morning. I had an errand to run early so I made my coffee (still decaf) and grabbed a stick of string cheese and wrapped it in 3 slices of uncured (no nitrates) lunch meat. I was only thinking high protein and I didn't even consider the cheese. Before I could even take a bite of the meat and cheese, I'd just had a couple sips of my coffee and my stomach started hurting all over again Irked . It wasn't nearly as bad as last night but it was disappointing to feel the beginnings of that gassy pain again.

So I took my morning dose of probiotics and my multivitamins and headed on my errand... kept drinking my coffee and ate my cheese and meat, again not remembering that I should be careful with dairy. Life went on as normal during the day. I ran my errand, came home to pick up my husband so we could do some shopping together, got home and started working on this pizza crust recipe that he asked me to make for him (it turned out GREAT according to him Very Happy ) and then about half an hour ago, I sat down to eat my own dinner and I realized I had no gas pain at all! HOORAY! I had totally forgotten about it.

So I don't think it's the dairy and I can't really think of anything else that it might be other than just something off in my digestive system that the probiotics seem to be helping with. My fingers are crossed and I'm super hopeful. I feel SO MUCH better today. I still feel a hint of bloat but nothing like the last couple days. So hopefully, with a few more days of probiotic under my belt, it'll all be sorted out. THANK GOD it's not the cheese! Laughing I would have been so depressed.

Also another first. We went out for lunch today. We stopped at Chipotle - one of my favorite quick-mex meals before surgery. I usually would get the burrito bowl (no tortilla) with rice, beans, steak, corn salsa, guacamole, grilled veggies, sour cream and I'd eat that with some of their corn chips. Well... OBVIOUSLY that wasn't going to work for me now. Not only is that TOO MUCH food, but it would have killed me with the steak and rich sour cream and rice. So... I ordered a build your own kid's meal. I got it with no tortillas, grilled chicken, guacamole, black beans, a small container of their corn salsa (I LOVE THIS STUFF) and a small container of medium salsa. My husband's chicken quesadilla and my kid's meal was $12! WOW! $12 is so cheap for both of us. And... the best part - my kid's meal will be enough for 3 separate meals! It's insane! Nothing upset my stomach and I have plenty of food left over for tomorrow's dinner and Monday's lunch. All for the amazing price of $4.95?! CRAZY!

Tomorrow my sister and I are meeting some friends at a restaurant for lunch. This will be interesting because they have a limited COVID menu and I have no idea what I'll order but I'm sure I'll find something doable... again with tons of leftovers, I'm sure. But it'll be fine. I'm just SO HAPPY to be able to eat normal food and so far I'm able to choose wisely.

So even with Chipotle and my dairy that I had for breakfast, I had no stomach issues today. I think the probiotics are really going to make a difference. Phew. I'm relieved.

How am I feeling - tired today but so glad my stomach is getting better. The tired comes from my errands and shopping - all normal and to be expected for the amount of running around I did today.

Mentally/emotionally - I'm feeling great. I am very happy that dairy doesn't appear to be the culprit. I already have to limit so much in my life because of this surgery (not complaining... just stating the facts) and I think I was more worried than I realized that I might have to give up some of the stuff that I really do like, even in small quantities. I'm relieved that so far that's not the case.

Today was a good day. Now we're going for an evening walk to see if we can find some cute kids in costumes who might be out and about for our entertainment Smile

Happy Halloween!

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