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Not feeling so hot
October 30, 2020

Today has been really not fun. I have had a stomach ache (feels like bloating and gas) since yesterday. I can't really tell if it's something I'm eating or not. The only thing that's different in my diet is the Hormel egg bites. I SURE hope it's not those because I LOVE THEM! Worried

I emailed my nutrition nurse and she suggested that I watch my dairy intake because many people become intolerant after surgery. I don't think I eat THAT much dairy but if I'm still feeling this way tomorrow, I'll have to consider that. There's some cheese in those egg bites and sometimes I'll have a stick of string cheese or a mini baybell cheese for a snack but I don't drink milk or eat excessive amounts of dairy. I sure hope it's not that because I'll be so bummed. I LOVE CHEESE.

At the nurse's suggestion, I went out and got some probiotics. I'll start those tonight and we'll see if that helps. Seriously... today it was so uncomfortable that I really didn't feel like eating much at all. I did eat because I have to... but I ate out of necessity. I wasn't hungry and I certainly didn't feel like eating ANYTHING. I can't tell if it's constipation or if it's just gas and bloating. I did take a laxative today and that sure helped get things moving. I felt better for about an hour but then it was uncomfortable again. I tried Gas-X. Again relief for about an hour (maybe) and then the discomfort returned. I don't know what it is. I'm hoping it's just a phase.

THEN... I STILL haven't learned how to SLOW DOWN with my food. I made a wrap today with a very small piece of lavash bread (flatbread... this one is very low in calories and made with whole grains only... not very many carbs). I used about a tablespoon of light cream cheese as the spread and less than 2 oz of turkey breast. So the wrap was about 4 inches long and about 1.5 inches thick. But I didn't eat it with a fork, I just took bites. I chewed a lot (or so I thought) but I think my bites were just too big. UGH! That was immediately painful. I remembered midway through the wrap that I probably should not be eating any bread product at all at this point. Whoops. Surprised But I did need to get my protein in (the turkey). I had to take a break midway through just to let the food settle. I could literally feel it moving into my stomach. That was a very uncomfortable feeling. So long story short, it took me about 35 minutes to eat that tiny thing. And I won't be doing that again any time soon.

Today was a rough day digestively speaking Laughing And now - I AM EXHAUSTED. I feel like I've put my body through too much today. I'm complaining a lot in this entry today but I really do consider this a very minor complication. I guess this is par for the course when I'm adding new food into my diet.

How am I feeling? - I think I've covered this topic in this entry.

Mentally/emotionally? - I'm feeling fine in this area too but I am realizing (especially today) how WRONG people are when they say this is "the easy way out." I'll admit it... I used to think so too... until I started looking into the entire process and all that's involved. And then today I'm reminded - this can get tough along the way. Granted, I've had very few challenges so far on this journey but it's a major adjustment in so many ways. Even when I was just regular dieting, I didn't have to re-learn so many things. This is a major overhaul on my behaviors and habits. It's a GREAT thing and I'm not complaining at all, but it definitely isn't "easy." Today was a prime example of this.

Again- this is minor in the grand scheme of things and I'm so grateful it has been as smooth as it has been so far for me.

For now, I'm going to take my probiotic and go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
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